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NEW WORKS from Geoffrey Key, Theodore Major, Ghislaine Howard, Peter Howson and Mr Brainwash.

Several beautiful new pieces have arrived at the gallery recently, including works from famous and renowned artists.

Bold, colourful and vibrant northern artist, Geoffrey Key (b.1941).

Deeply emotive and introspective painter, Ghislaine Howard (b. 1953).

The unique and arresting visual Scottish artist, Peter Howson (b. 1958).

Contemporary street artist and pop art provocateur, Mr. Brainwash (b. 1966).

And finally one of the most prominent figures in the Northern School of English Art, Theodore Major (1908-1999).

For more information or for a private viewing, please get in touch with the gallery on 01925 759 988 or email us at

Geoffrey Key (b. 1941)

Moorland Dancers, 2000

20" (h) x 16" (w)

Oil on Canvas

Ghislaine Howard (b. 1953)

Horse and Rider

20" (h) x 30" (w)

Oil on Canvas

Arthur Delaney (1927-1987)

The Royal Exchange

9.75" (h) x 6.75" (w)

Oil on Board

Peter Howson (b. 1958)

Women of America

78" (h) x 102" (w)

Oil on Canvas

Provenance: London, Flowers East, Private collection.

Geoffrey Key (b. 1941)

Sky Watcher, 2005

24" (h) x 18" (w)

Oil on Canvas

Mr. Brainwash (b. 1966)

Stairway to London, 2009

22" (h) x 30" (w)

Screenprint and stencilled spray paint on cream-coloured archival art paper.

Signed edition of 100

Mr. Brainwash (b. 1966)

I'll be there for you, 2021

22.5" (h) x 22.5" (w)


Signed edition of 94

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Mr. Brainwash (b. 1966)

Jimi Hendrix (Blue), 2015

30" (h) x 22.5" (w)

Screenprint in colours on hand-torn archival paper.

Signed edition 20/70

Theodore Majo r (b. 1908-1999)

The Stairs

24" (h) x 20" (w)

Oil on Canvas

Peter Howson (b. 1958)

Calm before the Storm

99.75" (h) x 64" (w)

Oil on Canvas

Provenance: Robert Heller Collection Flowers Gallery, London.

Exhibited: Lingen, Kunsthalle Lingen, Peter Howson Works 1982-2005, A retrospective Encounter, 5th February - 17th April 2006.

Ghislaine Howard (b. 1953)


16" (h) x 12" (w)

Oil on Canvas

Mr. Brainwash (b. 1966)

Don't Be Cruel, 2009

22" (h) x 18" (w)

Screenprint in colours on paper


From the rare edition of 25

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