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Peter Howson (b.1958)

'Women of America'

78" (H) x 102" (W)

Oil on Canvas



London, Flowers East;
Private collection



Robert Heller, Peter Howson, 2003, p. 160, illus. p. 162


Women of America was painted in 2001. Robert Heller has explained that the painting was designed shortly after 9/11 as an anti-war statement; 'Despite the strength of his anti-war feelings, Howson found Women of America 'a joy to paint, inspired by seeing socialites in New York wearing Stars and Stripes clothing.' Always an enemy of the violence he portrays so grimley, Howson has moved on from football louts to equally paranoid, middle-class patriots. This is plainly the target of Women of America, which he describes as 'loosely based on the American paranoia and fear of attack from within their own country.' (Robert Heller, Peter Howson, 2003, p. 160)


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Peter Howson 'Women of America'

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