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What inspired LS Lowry?

A question many Laurence Stephen Lowry (1887 – 1976) enthusiasts have asked.

Most of you are familiar with Lowry's well-known crowded scenes drawings of industrial entities such as factories, football stadiums, and in the case of this ‘Ferry Boats’ print, harbours which are situated in the North of England.

Lowry wanted to people appreciate and be more familiar with the industrial landscapes of the North, displaying its growth during the 20th Century.

One afternoon, after missing his train at Pendlebury station, Lowry’s attention was drawn to an abundance of activity happening at a huge nearby spinning mill owned by Acme Spinning Company.

With yellow-lit windows and a dark eerie sky behind it, the mill had hundreds of lots of little individuals with their heads down, spilling out away from the mill for the day. This brought on an overwhelming emotion to Lowry, who had never had the time to notice these scenes before.

This sliding doors moment was what inspired Lowry to want to share his visions of the industrial landscapes and now we enjoy seeing them in the version of beautiful drawings and prints today.

If you are interested in LS Lowry, we have several new prints and lithographs that have just landed at Collect Art. In collaboration with LSL Prints, you can now see many of our Lowry works in the middle section of the gallery.

Just think, if he hadn't missed that train.....

12" x 16" - Edition 500

Guild stamped print, Published in 1973

Image in frame is the actual print.

To enquire about any LS Lowry pieces, feel free to email the gallery -

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