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Theodore Major's wish will finally be granted

One of the late Theodore Major’s wishes was to have a permanent display of his paintings for the public to view.

Collect Art are excited to announce, with the recent £30 million investment bid by Wigan Council to restore the historic Haigh Hall building and local heritage site, that Theodore’s wish will now be granted.

The funding will be used to restore the grade II listed building, built around 1840, and its surrounding area to its former state. It is expected to pull in people from all over the Northwest and beyond, becoming a popular destination for community, events, hospitality, culture and more.

Haigh Hall, Wigan
Haigh Hall, Wigan

According to Wigan Council plans “a new world class dining experience, an underground bunker cinema, an art gallery for ‘Theodore Major’s visionary work’, and a rooftop terrace for astronomy” are all ready to become a reality.

A permanent exhibition of Theodore’s work from across 70 years, with a £200 million Major family collection already secured, is expected to be built on the first floor of the ‘five-storey masterplan’.

Collect Art owner Martin Heaps in front of a Theodore Major painting
Collect Art owner Martin Heaps

Collect Art are thrilled to see the inspirational Wigan artist's wishes finally coming to fruition. It has been a long term goal for Collect Art owner Martin Heaps from the early days of his collecting career, more than 25 years ago, to be the gallery for the Major estate.

We currently have a selection of Major’s work for sale at the gallery and the new Theodore Major book written by Michael Howard and funded by Collect Art is almost complete. More details of the book launch to follow.

If you are interested in Theodore Major’s work, please get in touch, or visit the Collect Art Gallery in Lymm, Cheshire.

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