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New Work and Many thanks

Just to say many thanks to everyone that came down to the gallery for the Theodore Major photography.

It was great to see new and old faces.

It all went very well and we might have another day of photography, if so I will let you know.

Many thanks to Paul the photographer, Michael Howard and Al & Al for all your help also.

We've had some stunning new work come into the gallery this week, we also have two large (5ft x 4ft) important Robert Lenkiewicz paintings landing next week, if anyone is interested please let me know via email and I'll send images.

Some images of the new work added over the last 10days, but please check out the website

Geoffrey Key is going very strong with his work in high demand. We have recently sold every available work Geoffrey had at his studio to an important collector.

Auction results confirming this with, in some cases even galleries like us paying over retail price for some examples.

This new into the gallery example which Geoffrey had kept hold of is now available.

A stunning work of London measuring 4ft x 3ft, Geoffrey captured this view from his hotel window whilst there for his sell out show with Messum's in London 2013.

Early Clown paintings are still changing hands for double retail and sometimes more.

If anyone has any Clown examples we are always looking to buy.

Just to remind everyone we are looking to acquire work by Theodore Major, Lowry, Arthur Delaney, Geoffrey Key, Alan Lowndes, Braqq, Robert Lenkiewicz and Ken Howard.

If you have work for sale by other artist's please do send me images.

Thank you and thats all for this week, Martin

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