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Four new Theodore Major paintings have landed at Collect Art Gallery

When you see one of Theodore Major's (1908-1999) industrial paintings, you instantly recognise it to be a Theo piece. The dark, grim and eerie depictions of Wigan and its industrial landscapes are very identifiable.

We are proud to be able to offer four Theodore Major works that have never been seen in the public eye before.

These four new paintings will be hung on the gallery walls for the Margaret Curtis Show that is being held at Collect Art this Friday 18th November. However, as promised, here is a sneak peak at the new works which have been specially picked to be on display for the show.

'Weeping Skeleton' painting by Theodore Major
Weeping Skeleton by Theodore Major

'Weeping Skeleton' is a well-known painting that was illustrated in the book 'Theodore Major (1908-1999): A Retrospective', which was produced for the Salford Show of Theodore Major's journey as an artist. It is a very large painting measuring 4ft x 5ft.

Wigan Industrial painting by Theodore Major
Rain and Works by Theodore Major

The other three works, one of which is from Collect Art owner Martin's personal collection, are fellow industrial paintings which could not be more characteristic of Theo's typical work.

'Rain and Works' has everything a Theodore Major painting should have.....Dark, dull skies, sun trying to break through the thick grey clouds, the industrial entities in the distance with polluting smoke contributing to the gloominess of the sky.

Man Walking in the Rain painting by Theodore Major
Rain at Wigan by Theodore Major

Another of Theo's new works landing at the gallery illustrates the light catching heavy, pouring rain falling to the ground beautifully. The large puddles forming underneath a poor man walking through the wet and miserable weather.

'Rain at Wigan' is an iconic image and is superbly painted by Theodore Major.

Rain is certainly one of Theo's specialities and this painting really does show it at its best.

The works will be hung for the Margaret Curtis show on Friday, with the gallery staying open late for those of you who want to see these fabulous Theodore Major paintings for real.

If you have time to pop down to see these 'never seen before' paintings, then please do. You will also get the chance to meet Margaret Curtis in person.

Margaret Curtis is one of the leading female figures in ceramic art today and her work will be in high demand on the night. We fully recommend taking the trip over if you can.

And finally, here is the fourth Theodore Major piece to cast your eyes over.

Which do you like the most?

Beach Walker painting by Theodore Major
Beach Walker by Theodore Major

We look forward to seeing you there. Collect Art

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