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John Bellany hitting new Auction highs

The above painting of Port Seaton by John Bellany R.A has made an amazing auction result for one from this period.

The lot sold for £63,000 it measured 36" x 48" which is a standard size for a Bellany.

Bellany has long being collected by 20th Century art collector's and now looks like he's certainly on the move, that said this is a very strong number.

Bellany died in 2013 and therefore it is much harder to find good works since the artists death.

We have an equally good example titled "Boats moored at Penzance".

Same size at 36" x 48", oil on Canvas, now looking very cheap at £15500, maybe needs a price increase! :-)

Please find below a selection of some of the new works we've added this week.

Always drop me a line if your interested or need any further information.

This is just a selection, please go the the home page to see everything.

Monday the 14th we are doing more photography for the Theodore Major book and many thanks to you all that have dropped work down already, Monday is still fine to drop work off, we open from 9.30am.

Some more superb work being added this week, keep an eye out.

Its also a great idea if you have chance to pop down to the gallery as we do not put everything on the website.

Plus if your looking to sell work let me know as we are looking to acquire.

Thats all for this week


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