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Here to stay for another week!

We met so many wonderful people from all over the North West during our 3 day event at Apus Peak this weekend, that we have decided to keep our gallery up for the rest of this week!

The guys at Apus Peak were amazingly welcoming, the people who visited the hub were so friendly and we got to speak to plenty of interesting artists and enthusiasts about their favourite pieces and the history of art.

So if you didn't get the chance this weekend just gone, then come and visit Apus Peak in Knutsford at some point this week to see what it was all about! Opening times will be the same as Apus Peak's. We look forward to seeing you there

And if we were lucky enough to meet you then it was an honour to meet you!

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For more information on the event, contact us on 01925 759 988 or email on

Many thanks.

The Collect Art Team

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