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Edgar Rowley Smart

I have over 30 years experience of collecting and dealing in art and I want to try and share as much information I've learn't in some of these blogs.

I want to help people learn about these amazing and very talented artists from Northern England.

Some of these artists have become very well known and have put their mark on the art scene.

This Blog is about Edgar Rowley Smart, probably one of the most talented and forgotten artists from the North West.

I am mainly concentrating on Northern Based artists hence my wording North of England but I am not putting these artists into a category, it is just plain and simple they are born round and about the North West.

'"Rowley" as people called him is a really important artist that I'm trying to build up a life time picture about him.

So like my previous Blog about Theodore Major's show I am appealing to anyone that has a painting or story about Rowley, even if you think I might already know the information, please forward it to myself.

I will greatly appreciate any information as small as it maybe.

Anyone with work by the artist please could you contact me and again I would be very grateful for images.

Shortly I'll bring you snippets of information about him and keep you updated about anything that I find.

For now thats it, but watch this space, if you have not had the pleasure of seeing any of his work then take a look at these, totally brilliant!.

For me the quality shouts, and he is amongst the best painters of this period.

Short Biog

Edgar Rowley Smart (1887-1934) is one of Manchester’s most prominent impressionists and an artist to really take note of. Born 26 January, 1887, in Cheetham Hill, Smart studied at Manchester School of Art from 1901-1903, and in Liverpool from 1903-1906 under the etcher FV Burridge and then from 1906 to 1907, at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris

He was a member of the Sandon Society, Liverpool, 1907, and founder of the Society of Modern Painters, Manchester, 1912.

His painting career was disrupted in 1914 by WWI where he served in France, but was released from service when he contracted tuberculosis, which continued to affect his health for the remainder of his life

After his military serving days were over, Smart lived and studied with landscape and portrait painter, Augustus John (1878-1961) at his studio in Dorset.

His work appears in a number of galleries, such as Manchester City Art Gallery and the Tate. He had a large retrospective exhibition at Manchester 1933.

Martin Heaps

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