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Whats new in this week

Just an update of what we added this week, more new works next week, keep an eye out.

Some amazing Theodore Major works.

The new Theodore Major book being written by Michael Howard is moving along very well and lots of photography days have been done.

If you have works by Theodore Major already please email me as we will be having days at the gallery that you can arrange to have your work photographed.

01925 759988 - 07966 797884 (text) -

Interesting painting

A painting that is well worth a visit to Manchester Art gallery is this one by Eyre Crowe (1824 - 1910) entitled "The Dinner Hour, Wigan"

Hanging in Manchester art gallery you can't help feeling when artists like Rodger Hampson and LS Lowry visited the gallery how it must have influenced them.

Smoking chimneys, factory buildings and lamp post's to name a few things, a very interesting painting that could of gone through the minds of quite a few 20th century artists from the area.


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