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Theodore Major's permanent home nears completion...

Did you see the interview with Mary Major, Theodore Major's daughter, this week on ITV?

The project at Haigh Hall is getting closer to completion and all is going well for Theodore’s dreams of the public seeing his works for free to become a reality. Haigh Hall will become a permanent home for Theodore's fabulous paintings.

As you know, we at Collect Art are funding a comprehensive book to be written about Theodore which will include many of his works that he has created throughout his life.

This project is also coming along nicely. Working with Michael Howard, we want this book to be perfect, and unfortunately it is taking a lot longer than we had anticipated. But we will get there soon, and we cannot wait to publish it!

Watch this space for more updates soon!

You can see the full interview on our YouTube channel - Just click on the video above to view.

If you are interested in Theodore Major's works, take a look at the wonderful paintings we have at the gallery from the Northern master of industrial scenery himself.

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