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Sickert Show - A Life in Art

I start this weeks post with a "Must See Show"

The Walker Art Gallery have what I can only call a "Superb!" show of Walter Sickert's art.

It follows his life of work's containing around 100 paintings and 200 drawings.

And when I say superb I mean it, there are some total showstopping paintings.

I'm not going to say much more other than go see it!

The show ends on the 22nd of February and you must book tickets in advance.

Here are a couple of super examples below.

Here's an interesting fact that some of you may know is that Harry Rutherford was taught by Sickert and Rutherford taught Geoffrey Key. Three fantastic painters.

The Walker also has some amazing other works to see, above top is one of my favourite paintings by Lucian Freud "Interior at Paddington".

It reminds me of a friend of mine and a friend of many others the late Martin Reagan, he had a gallery called Gateway in Macclesfield, Martin had a very good eye for a great painting. Sadly missed.

Other great works are these oils by Lowry you can also see pieces by young ceramist star Jacob Chan and established artist Emma Rodgers.

So worth a day out and not to forget the Tate, again with some great shows such as Lucian Freud, be quick as that show ends on the 16th January.

I'll finish this post with a few new works added this week and more coming.

Keep your eyes on the website as new works added daily at the moment.

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