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Collect Art whats new for 2022

During 2021, we decided to change the website. It has taken some time to repopulate and therefore please bear with us for a while as we add new paintings over the next month.

It will be an exciting time adding all the new work so we'll keep you updated when we add one it is new to us so hopefully all will go smoothly.

We have managed to get some amazing works by Geoffrey Key recently, the one illustrated above is one of a few rare station paintings that Geoffrey did in 2010. Great detail to this painting with the London poster to the bottom right.

The painting being in private hands is now again available for sale. It measures 30" x 24" and priced at £14300.

Geoffreys work has been greatly followed over the years and more recently very much so with auction prices making more than retail, even for dealers like us we have to pay the price for certain examples.

The following one entitled Jackson and Brothers made nearly £19,000 in auction with all the auctions fee's added, that is £3000 over current retail.

It's a fantastic example with a great story.

The story goes: Geoffrey was asked by the owner Sir William Mather to commission four paintings of his local factories. This particular example was presented to Sir William on completion, delighted with the painting Sir William asked Geoffrey if he would add just one thing. When Sir William visited the factory he was met by the nightwatchman and his dog, Sir William was very fond of the German Shepard and asked Geoffrey if he would add the dog, Geoffrey added it which isn't something I have ever known Geoffrey to do.

Great addition to the painting and painted so well this is certainly one of Geoffrey's masterpieces.

Look forward to seeing what you think of the new website and if you are looking for any particular painting please do not hesitate to contact me.

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