Major, Theodore (1908-1999)

Theodore Major was a fervent Lancastrian, he was against materialism, the commercial gallery system and the sale of his pictures to rich collectors. He retained about 3000 of his pictures which he said were painted for ordinary people, not money. Art critic John Berger called Major’s pictures “among the best English paintings of our time” He painted in a wide range of styles “to disturb and extend consciousness in the mind of the viewer”. He was president of the Wigan Art Club which he founded in 1952. Theodore Major exhibited in Nottingham, Bolton, Manchester and had Arts Council sponsored solo exhibitions at Carlisle and Blackburn Art Galleries and in 1984 at Salford Art Gallery which holds his work.

His paintings are now being discovered and admired by art collectors, particularly his vibrant flower pieces and his powerful industrial scenes.

A new book is currently being produced by Michael Howard, anyone who is interested in the book launch please contact the gallery.

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