Howard, Ghislaine (b.1956)

Ghislaine Howard was named as a Woman of The Year in 2008 for her contribution to art and society. A painter of powerful and expressive means, her works deal with the human condition charting and interpreting our shared human experience.

She is best known for her ground-breaking exhibition concerning pregnancy and birth, the first of its kind, at Manchester City Art Gallery, A Shared Experience the exhibition attracted much critical acclaim.

She has worked on commissioned projects with various diverse communities including theatres, prisons, the BBC, Women’s Refuges and cathedrals as well as with major organisations such as Amnesty International.

She has shown her large cycle of paintings The Stations of the Cross / The Captive Figure to great acclaim at the two Liverpool Cathedrals at Canterbury Cathedral and at Gloucester Cathedral as part of an ongoing tour of cathedral cities in UK. Her 25 foot high Visitation Altarpiece can be seen in Trinity Chapel at Liverpool Hope University

For Liverpool’s celebrations as Capital of Culture she produced a major new work The Empty Tomb which was unveiled by the Bishop of Liverpool on Easter Sunday 2008; The Empty Tomb was on view at Manchester Cathedral during Easter, 2010.

She is continuing to work on a series of paintings in response to news images taken from the Guardian newspaper – an exhibition of 365 of these paintings was shown at Imperial War Museum North from March to September 2009.These are forming the basis of a major new series The Seven Works of Mercy.

From February to May 2013, Ghislaine’s drawing Pregnant Self Portrait July 1987 was at the centre of the British Museum’s ground breaking exhibition Ice Age Art/ Arrival of the Modern Mind, where it hung alongside 30,000 year old sculptures of pregnant women, some of the earliest representations of the human form.

She has featured in various publications and television documentaries including Degas: An Old Man Mad about Art, 1996 and Degas and the Dance in 2004, which was awarded the prestigious international Peabody Award.

She is represented in many public and private collections including the Royal Collection.

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